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Favorite Real Life Friendships | Julian Morris and Troian Bellisario

Thanks for coming back @Ju1ianMorris. You know how to make a girl smile.” - TB

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Bobby Causey is a self-taught professional sculptor, who sculpts anything from life-like statues, all the way to car’s. He is an artist with a knack for realism and a passion for film.Of his work he says,

“I can only tell you I love what I do. I have had all sorts of different jobs, and sculpture as been the most rewarding and fulfilling.”
“DON’T lie to yourself— if you let it just be “OK,” then your sculpts will be just “OK.”  
If you have to make it again then do so, I do it on so many of my pieces. 
I’m truly never 100% happy. An artist’s work is never finished; it is abandoned. Or maybe I’m just too deep into my work and need a vacation.”

Bobby Causey shares some details about how he goes about creating his sculptures:

“I have unorthodox techniques I use on every piece. I just know what needs to be done and I do it. What I can say for sure is, I would start with NSP [non sulfurated Plasteline] Medium Clay, a shit-load of photo reference, and a desire to sculpt the person you are going to be culpting.”

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spencer hastings in shades of pastel (◡‿◡✿)

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